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September 25-27, 2015
Dye Camp- This is something I have been talking about trying for a while now, so here we go I have a location where we can stay overnight Friday through Sunday and work all day Saturday and part of the day Sunday. The location will be in Edwardsville, IL and the cost includes room and board. Its a rustic location with cabins steps away from the workspace, you’ll need to bring your sleeping bag. But the upside will be the s'mores and campfires as well as an amazing scenery. Additional cloth and items will be available for purchase that weekend in limited amounts, so if you want more of something please pre order. Please email me if you would like to sign up or have any questions

The cost is $250.00

--This includes 2 nights in the cabins with snacks and meals, Saturday morning through Sunday morning.  
--All Dyes and Chemicals and tools for dyeing Silk, Cotton, and Rayon. Including an indigo vat and Thiox for dye removing.
--The following items to dye are also included in the cost. this is over $50.00 in materials
   3---8” X 72” 8mm silk scarves
   3--- 14” X 72” 8mm Silk scarves
   1---14” X 72” Crepe de Chine Silk scarf
   1--- 68” X 10” Cotton Baby Ribbed Circular Scarf
   1 --- 77” X 21” Rayon Infinity Scarf
   2 Yards of Cotton Fabric
   2 Cotton Bandanas

Additional materials available for order
    Cotton Fabric by the yard----------------- $5.00   

    Bandanas 21” X 21”------------------------ $2.00
    Baby Rib knit Circular scarf 68” X 10” --$10.00
   Infinity Scarf 77” X 21” ----------------------$9.00
   Sarong 44” X 72” ----------------------------$25.00
   Scarf 22” X 70” ------------------------------$12.00
    8mm Silk scarf 8” X 72” ------------------$6.00
    8mm Silk scarf 14” X 72” ----------------$9.00
    8mm Silk scarf 22” X 90” ----------------$16.50
    8mm Silk scarf 22” X 72” ---------------$12.00
    Crep de Chine 14” X 72” ---------------$13.00
  5mm Silk organza 45" wide by the yard -----$9.00
8mm Silk fabric 45" wide by the yard ---$9.00
12mm Crep de Chine 45" wide by the yard -- $15.00 (Must be Preordered)
35mm Raw Silk 45" wide by theyard ----$25.00 (Must be Preordered)


Gloves and Aprons ( everyone is always asking about my gloves and aprons when I teach here they are)
   13” long Nitrile Gloves S, M, L----------$6.00
   18” long Nitrile Gloves M, L--------------$22.00
    Vinyl Apron --------------------------------$7.50
Dye Kits
    Small Dye Starter kit  ------------------------$39.00
         Includes 4 squeeze bottles with lids and 2oz of the following colors Sun Yellow, Fuchsia,                                                            Turquoise and Black.
    Large Dye Starter Kit -----------------------$84.00
          Includes 9 squeeze bottles and lids and 20z of the following colors Golden Yellow, Sun Yellow, Fuchsia, Basic Red, Basic Blue, Turquoise, Black, Pearl Grey and Chocolate Brown.


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